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Freemium done right: Daz Studio (3D modeling software)

‘Freemium’ is a term used to describe software which is provided free of charge but with one small catch: it’s also meant to be an appetizer which tries to persuade you into actually buying stuff from the company behind it.

Now, it’s not my intention to make things look better than they actually are: the things I mentioned above most definitely also apply to Daz Studio. Sure: you get a lot of freebies in the so called “Starter Essentials kits” which are more than enough to build some cool ‘renders’ of your own. However you’ll also soon discover their limits and maybe you want more after that . When that happens the Daz store will be patiently waiting for you.

So why this blog post you might wonder? Trust me: it’s not meant as some kind of hidden advertisement for the Daz3D company, though I suppose it could still be explained as such. But no, the reason for this post is because this software is actually quite impressive, especially if you take a closer look at all the features you get. Things easily overlooked and so: I wanted to vent.

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5 cases where Open Source Software went wrong

Open Source Software (“OSS”) has drastically changed the way we work within the world of IT, or ICT as is the ‘modern’ phrase. And don’t get my article in the wrong way: OSS is a very important phenomenon and one which opens up possibilities which would otherwise have been fully out of reach. Take this blog: WordPress is basically an open source product, I’m convinced that the website itself is hosted using Apache; an open source webserver, the product is written in PHP which is an open source scripting language and I wrote most of this post offline using Open Live Writer. An, you guessed it, open source Windows application (based on Microsoft’s now abandoned Live Writer).

But unfortunately, as with all good things, there are plenty of people who claim that Open Source is totally flawless and something we desperately need all the time. Yet that is not always the case. So here are 5 cases where OSS went wrong…

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5 reasons why I favor Daz3D software

When it comes to “computer art”, so basically the audio & video capabilities of a regular personal computer, then things sure have come a long way. Personally I think that things have gone further on the audio field than video, but even so the video capabilities of modern PC’s are amazing, especially in comparison to those around the 80’s and 90’s.

I consider myself a semi-professional when it comes to digital audio and a hobbyist within the field of 3D modeling and rendering. The first time I came into contact with 3D was during the early days of POV-Ray (ray tracer) which sounded amazing to me; the ability to create a virtual 3D world which the computer could fully calculate and set up to make things look as realistic as possible. As mentioned earlier I think that when it comes to realism then digital audio has come much closer than video (just think about the acceptance of CD’s and MP3 players) but even so… There are also some impressive developments on the 3D field.

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5 programs with an under appreciated interface


In the early days of the computer everything was done using a command line, also known as a Command Line Interface (CLI). The concept is simple: you type a command followed by carriage return (“enter”) and the computer ‘does’ something in response.

As development progressed computers became more capable of handling graphics and that eventually resulted in the ability to do most of our work on a computer in a graphical environment, also known as the Graphical User Interface (GUI). And just like the CLI the concept is simple, it usually evolves around pointing and clicking with a mouse. And, if you’re writing an article like this, with plenty of typing as well.

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