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Reinstalling software is USELESS!

In my last blog post I wrote about Photoshop Elements and how much I enjoyed it. This week I decided to take things a step further and upgraded to the full Adobe Elements suite consisting of the Elements version of Adobe Photoshop & Premiere. Who knows, I just might make a YouTube video someday now that I got the software for it. I also started frequenting the Adobe community forums where I noticed something. What do you think the Steam, Adobe, Daz 3D and Reaper communities have in common? You often read comments from people who are having problems with the software and in their attempt to get things back to normal they decide to re-install the software in hopes that this will reset things.

There seems to be a strong belief that in order to try and sort out software problems you should always try to reinstall first. Well… it’s actually a load of nonsense and here’s why… Continue reading

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