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Microsoft Surface Pro X: underappreciated & misunderstood!

Surface Pro X

A Microsoft Surface is a computer, obviously designed by Microsoft, and this may sound a bit weird if you look at the screenshot but it’s actually a tablet. As you can see it clearly resembles a laptop, but looks can be deceiving


If you buy a Surface device you only get the computer (so: the tablet), the keyboard must be purchased as a separate accessory. This may seem a bit weird but it makes sense if you look at the capabilities of a stand-alone Surface device. I also believe that because the keyboard is a separate product the build quality is significantly better than that of a regular accessory, but then again I am biased. Despite being a separate product the keyboard is tailormade for the Surface and can also be used as a cover. This is one of the many differences of a Surface in comparison to a regular laptop: you don’t fold the screen down but you flip the keyboard up if you want to close it or shut it off. But now I’m getting ahead of myself…


The Surface Pro X is a rather recent model which severely differs from other Surface models, instead of being equipped with an Intel processor the Pro X uses an ARM based Microsoft processor called the SQ1. Because of this the Pro X has a much lower power consumption which allows it to operate on battery power for longer periods than a regular Surface device (let alone a regular laptop). Unfortunately there’s also a downside.. because of the ARM architecture you can’t run regular 64bit applications and you’ll need an emulation for running 32bit based software.

This has caused many Youtubers to review this device in a rather negative way, something I’d like to address in my blog post. I’ve been working with my Surface Pro X for almost half a year now and I’m still very satisfied and sometimes even a little excited about all the things it does for me. So… time to set the record straight!

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Microsoft Word vs. LibreOffice Writer

You know what the biggest problem is with reviews? They’re written (or recorded) by people who have a certain bias either towards or against the product. Now there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that perse, but when it becomes obvious that this bias is also affecting the review then I think you got a bit of a problem because it will make the whole thing look out of place.

So before I continue I’d like to state that I am definitely biased towards Microsoft Office and that this blog post was even fully written within Word 2016 (I usually rely on Open Live Writer), so do with this as you want.

Fortunately for us the Document Foundation (= group behind the LibreOffice project) didn’t go here and instead set up an extensive feature comparison. However, the problem with that is that it becomes awkward if you see that some people apparently consider it an important feature that a product still supports obsolete standards. For example: when was the last time than you opened a PCX graphics file?

Therefor I figured I’d install LibreOffice and do a small comparison myself. And honestly? LibreOffice is an amazing and most definitely an impressive project. However… the saying that “you get what you pay for” still holds true today.

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Why I bought MS Office despite Libre & Open–Office being available?

office-365-icon-0When my PC crashed last year I had many administrative tasks on my todo list which were quite important to me. Fortunately I always kept the risk of my PC crashing in mind and maintained a KDE desktop on my FreeBSD server which included Libre Office and that seriously saved my hide. Well, apart from the ability to print, for some reason CUPS didn’t properly support my Samsung multi-function network printer even though it claimed to do so (the driver was even named after it).

Fast forward to the here and now; I got a new PC running Windows 10 and have less administrative tasks to perform. So surely Libre Office would be the perfect candidate, also considering that I’m quite familiar with it, right? Well… no. I ended up getting myself an Office 2016 pro license which only cost me around E 50,-. None of that 365 subscription nonsense: just a license and the desktop applications. And that made some of my friends wonder; why would you want to pay for an Office version when there’s free stuff available? And how did you get Office so cheap, doesn’t that normally cost hundreds of dollars?

Sounds like a good topic for my blog 😉

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