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Microsoft Surface Pro X: underappreciated & misunderstood!

Surface Pro X

A Microsoft Surface is a computer, obviously designed by Microsoft, and this may sound a bit weird if you look at the screenshot but it’s actually a tablet. As you can see it clearly resembles a laptop, but looks can be deceiving


If you buy a Surface device you only get the computer (so: the tablet), the keyboard must be purchased as a separate accessory. This may seem a bit weird but it makes sense if you look at the capabilities of a stand-alone Surface device. I also believe that because the keyboard is a separate product the build quality is significantly better than that of a regular accessory, but then again I am biased. Despite being a separate product the keyboard is tailormade for the Surface and can also be used as a cover. This is one of the many differences of a Surface in comparison to a regular laptop: you don’t fold the screen down but you flip the keyboard up if you want to close it or shut it off. But now I’m getting ahead of myself…


The Surface Pro X is a rather recent model which severely differs from other Surface models, instead of being equipped with an Intel processor the Pro X uses an ARM based Microsoft processor called the SQ1. Because of this the Pro X has a much lower power consumption which allows it to operate on battery power for longer periods than a regular Surface device (let alone a regular laptop). Unfortunately there’s also a downside.. because of the ARM architecture you can’t run regular 64bit applications and you’ll need an emulation for running 32bit based software.

This has caused many Youtubers to review this device in a rather negative way, something I’d like to address in my blog post. I’ve been working with my Surface Pro X for almost half a year now and I’m still very satisfied and sometimes even a little excited about all the things it does for me. So… time to set the record straight!

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Turning your Android phone into a “Windows Phone clone”

microsoft_launcherIn January 2019 (= last year) I upgraded my PC and moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10, an experience I really enjoyed. At that time I was still using a 2nd generation Windows Phone running WP 7.5 and slowly but steadily running into issues.

Several apps weren’t being maintained anymore and even my bank had announced their intention to stop supporting their app after which they would only allow its use for a few more months before pulling the plug. An understandable decision for sure, I realised all too well how outdated things had become, but inconvenient nonetheless.

Because I don’t trust Google I wasn’t keen on using Android, because I think Apple is overpriced I also didn’t bother with them. And then I discovered that Blackberry had also adopted Android, so much for that alternative.

One thing led to another and eventually I bought myself a Medion smartphone powered by Android 6 which I could upgrade to Android 7. And even though I still mistrusted Google I had to admit that this mobile environment was plain out slick; very well designed. Google even gained my respect when I discovered that I could actually change my entire phone into a Microsoft powered environment, see my start screen for a good impression. So here’s my story on how I got myself a “Windows Phone clone”, powered by Android.

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