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It all started with a synthesizer…

Ever since I got into my passion of sound synthesis and synthesizers in general I also started maintaining a blog and acompanied website where I’d share all my findings, experiences, ideas and so on. At first I hosted this with a big hosting provider but eventually moved the entire site and blog into a self-hosted WordPress environment.

I didn’t have much time for it when I started with WordPress beginning this year but recently I managed to find some gaps here and there and as such my SynthFan blog is slowly coming back to live again. Because I wanted to use Akismet I ended up with a WordPress account. And because I wanted some more enhanced stats I ended up actually using this account a little more often.


Ever since I started using WordPress I became very impressed with the software, the 3rd party plugins and the whole community in general. I wanted more! And so my idea quickly formed to start another blog, this time aimed at my profession and general hobby: Information & Communication Technology or I.C.T.

At first I considered setting up a new WordPress copy of my own, then I figured that since I got myself a WordPress account I might as well start using it. And if this actually does manage to attract some attention then it’d be cool.

I’m quite fine with the ads. I’m sure would like me to upgrade my blog but quite frankly; if this does get a little popular I’m sure they can make some of the ads on the site as well.

And that’s the story of TechBlabber, hope you’ll enjoy!

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