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The power of the InterNet

So today when I checked up on my favorite news site I saw a story about a 9 year old kid who maintained a blog about the food she and her schoolmates got served for lunch. And judging by the pictures of it it didn’t really look that appealing to me. Just check out the article on The Register, here you’ll also find links pointing to the original blog itself.

And what did the school do? As could be expected they focussed on trying to keep her quiet.

However, this time the Internet was involved…

Opening Pandora’s box and not even realizing it

You gotta love it. It shows us once again that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword. And the reason I put it on my TechBlabber is because this is the kind of stuff which made the Internet great. Sure, the companies were all looking to put their products online as fast as possible, hoping to sell their stuff even quicker. And lets not get into spam and advertisement right now…

But the real power of the Internet, in my opinion, are stories like these. The story of someone who didn’t feel happy with the situation she was in and instead of trying to come up with all sorts of mischief and god knows what more, she simply did that would any civilized person would do: share her thoughts and opinion on the matter. On the biggest soapbox in existence today: the Internet. And guess what ?  The Internet listened!

And then all of a sudden you quickly get to see some people for what they really are. In this case, and in my personal opinion: bullies!

Someone dared to spread news in a negative way about their precious school? Then its obvious that this cannot continue. And instead of actually listening to what the student had to say or try to change things for the better the school chose the easy way out: trying to force her to stop sharing pictures of what she got for lunch every day. After all, she was causing “distress and harm“.

Odd indeed that only 2 weeks after her blog started all of a sudden a salad bar was opened at that schools cafeteria. What a coincidence…

Damage control at its finest…

But you see, this is where the power of the Internet begins. Because you could wait for things to happen when the girl shared this news with the rest of the world. And the best news is that it did, as it should.

Needless to say but obviously we all have been completely wrong with our conclusions. The school never tried to silence her. Only an hour after this news got out in the open did the school immediately withdraw the ban on taking pictures in the cafeteria.

El Reg obviously covered that as well, you can read more here.

The InterNet still works!

And the best part?  All the public attention for this and her blog has already managed to raise more than £ 10.000,- which will be donated to a local food charity which is supported by the girls blog.

Stories like these are really worth sharing. Because they show us that even despite the growing “commercializing” of the Internet the Net as we know it still hasn’t lost its touch. And I love it!

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